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Enterprise Conversation Intelligence 

Generate actionable customer insights & improve lifetime loyalty.

Lobos ai uses next generation machine learning techniques to extract customer needs, emotions, and frustrations from every conversation at scale.

How it Works

Use generative AI to extract best in class insights. 

Send us your conversation transcripts and we'll provide you with insights. 

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Understand Customer Needs

Improve Strategic



Customer Loyalty 

Lobos ai enables customer service organizations to become the Voice of the Customer by extracting customer context from every conversation, equiping them with the data needed improve customer experiences across all engagement channels.

Product Features

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Automate Customer Insights

Set it up once, and you're good to go. 

For each conversation transcript you send us, we'll provide you with a summary on why the customer called and how your rep handled it. 

Insights Dashboard 

Our insights dashboard will give you visibility into high level trends in customer behaviors.

Why customers engage 

Frustrations & Reccomendations

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Anomaly Detection 

We'll identify anomalies in customer behaviors which enable first responders in your organization to act.

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